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How to build a custom router/server/nas/music player/tea pot

My house network was pretty unreliable. Mostly due to the fact that laptops don’t switch on after a long power failure. And there were 3 of them. A NAS (USB harddisks), an MPD box for my mom and a development server that was my DNS server in the house. Urgh. Why did I use so many laptops? Long story short, my Dad’s company gave him his old work laptop after replacing it every 2 years.

ISP Scripts: Collection of scripts to auto login to crappy web portals.

I was tired of calling the idiots from my ISP, who kept disabling the automatic login, and instead wrote a script that takes care of the login. I created this github repo for sharing similar scripts. isp-login-scripts Okay, so how does this work This is a collection of bash or lua scripts that let you login through your ISP’s web portal. You can run these on most decent openwrt routers, as well as custom routers.